Admission Procedure

1. Issuing of forms for admission to all classes will start from 1st March. A form once issued is not transferable or refundable.

2. Issue of Admission form is not commitment on our part of Admission.

3. Admission Age in Pre-Primary section,

Admission in nursery ———— 2½ years completed years completed
Admission in K.G I ———— 3½ –4½ years
Admission to K.G II – ———–4½–5½years

4. For admission in Pre-Primary section and class 1st, photocopy of Birth Certificate issued by Municipal Corporation should be attached with the form. Original Birth certificate & should be brought for verification.

5. Parents of student should be present during the interview.

6. For Admission in Higher classes, Photocopy of previous class Report card and S.L.C (school leaving certificate or Transfer certificate duly countersigned by appropriate/competent authority should be produced to confirm the Admission.

7. Parents belonging to SC/ST/ OBC are expected to produce their own caste certificate along with the form. with the form.

General Rules and Regulations

1. Students should be punctual and regular in attending the school. No concession is given in attendance of a child.

2. They should maintain decency, decorum and discipline of the school.

3. Students must come to school smartly dressed in complete school uniform.

4. During Library/games/ computer and other activity periods students should be very careful not to damage or lose any of the school property otherwise a fine will be charged.

5. In case of loss or damage of any valuables borne by the students the school will entertain no claim.

6. Parent will have to pay fees for the current month, if the office receives application for S.L.C. after 15th of the month.

7. Students once taken admission must abide by the rules and regulations of the school.

Rules for Bus Service

If there is any vacancy in the bus and the residence of the students is on that route, they are only entitled to avail the bus facility. Prescribed application form for bus facility can be obtained from office and deposited duly filled. If bus facility is opted, please deposit the bus fee as per Rules at the cash counter.


I feel great delight to state that our institution trusts in CBSE Vision and encompass our motto – ...


I feel great delight to state that our institution trusts in CBSE Vision and encompass our motto – ...

Dr. dyuti-sardesai

The teaching and learning should be done in a way that a child understands the best. Nowadays chil ...